Chaos Stones

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Chaos Stones

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:34 am

Description: Shadow has seven precious stones imbedded in his skin in various places on his body each has a unique ability or affect on his body


they are more or less in this pattern


so we will call the top left dot the Dark blue colored gem and work from there we will work with the gems in this order

1 2
3 4 5
6 7

Gem: Dark Blue

Ability: Amplifies Water Ninjutsu and can free form water from user's chakra

Place on body: Forehead (Third Eye Chakra)

Gem: Purple

Ability: Chakra wings

Place on body: Spine on T1 Vertebrae (Wings last one post with two cooldown can be used three times in battle and Indefinitely in conversation, can also block basic Taijutsu)

Gem: Aquamarine

Ability: Chakra charging (can store extra chakra in gem for a boost later)

Place on body: Chest, base of the sternum

Gem: Ruby

Ability: fire manipulation (can absorb small scale fire attacks and use them for other fire based attacks. can also collect ambient heat for use in small fire blasts

Place on body: Right hand, palm

Gem: Emerald

Ability: Earth Manipulation (Increases earth ninjutsu's powers)

Place on body: Left hand, palm


Ability: Wind chakra (Minor wind element chakra is aquired through running chakra through it. can be used to charge weapons)

Place on body: C4 vertebrae

Gem: Topaz

Ability: Ambient chakra collection and integration (when elemental ninjutsu is used excess chakra is used to stabilize them and is left in the air. this gem can gather it and integrate it into the users systems)

Place on body: Chest, over the sternum and heart

(These have been created for Shadow but if he dies can be taken out and used by some one of the uchiha or senju lines tracing back to Rikudou sennin line (dark this means you) after being removed from his body)

Chaos stone techniques: Dark Angel, Chaos Armor, Chaos Control

Name: Dark Angel
Rank: S
Range: Close (self)
Elemental Affinity: Chakra nature
Description: the angel wings from his t1 vertebrae stone become a full body Chakra Cloak. Capable of serious burns from minor contact but not much else.

Name: Chaos Armor
Rank: S
Range: Close (self)
Elemental Affinity: Chakra nature
Description: Chakra cloak emanating from all seven stones. Any Chakra nature besides Lightning is absorbed into the user's systems. (Only those used against user) works for one post three cooldown twice per battle

Name: Chaos Control
Rank: S
Range: Far
Elemental Affinity: Time/Space
Description: Temporarily allows Shadow to Pause time and transport himself or another object/area to another area. (Used only once per battle)
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