Rejoining Dark

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Rejoining Dark

Post by Sousuke Unagai on Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:55 am

Sousuke stood beside a large hill staring blankly into it. he walked to the top stopping suddenly as if he had found something interesting. he sat on the top quietly meditating before slamming his palm to the ground. a crack appeared around him as his Seigyoki went into effect. he slammed into the ground in the base on a rock chair he formed out of the boulder he came through. He looked up his eyes taking a reptilian glint as he spotted the familiar Deva Path of Dark.

"Senpai..." he began quickly bowing to dark. "It took forever but i finally found you." Sousuke looked up once more at dark before continuing. "I want to rejoin Akatsuki." he stated as Levi crept slowly over his shoulder. He had tracked dark through the tattoo he had given him years ago when they first met and even now he did not know if Dark would remember him.
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