Akatsuki Hideout

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Akatsuki Hideout

Post by Sasuke Uchiha on Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:55 pm

(the hide out is in a cave because i said so lol......and no one knows where this is but Akatsuki members...and if u do happen to find this it should be a good rp about how u found it)

Sasuke appears infront of the cave as it started to rain getting stronger and stronger by the second with his Akatsuki cloak, with his hood on, looking down a little so if someone tryed to lookin at his face they wouldn't see any thing but the sannin head band that was around his neck. Slowly while still looking down so that rain didn't get any where near his face sasuke starts to walk into the cave quickly looking putting his hand on top of his head pulling the hood from off his head revealing his sharingan tome three, an his black long hair Hmm..no one is here a heavy voice had said as shika turned his head to the left, right, then back straigh. Well there is nothing to do here...where is the leader i need to talk to him about something shika said as he stood still looking at the ground slowly bringing his head back up walking a couple steps fowards looking around again tell he was at the point to where he could trust being in the cave because shika had been hunted by many ninja these days because of the bounty on his head.So shika really couldn't turst any where he went and was always looking out for traps all that stuff, but he wasn't that worried because every ninja that had come after him was quickly killed or put into a genjutsu then killed. Shika chuckled a bit as he thought about the last person that tryed to sneak up on his trying to take him out i guess i can talk to dark later shika said as he slowly turned around putting his right arm behind his head pulling his hood over his head just as he walked out if the cave into the rain getting wet again. Quickly shika walked about 10 feet away from the cave but on the 11th step just as he foot his the ground he disappeared (flicker) leaving his foot print's in the mud to show that he was here but wasn't so sure that any one would see them because it had to stop raining sometime.

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